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Polar Bears by Eldanis
Polar Bears
Yet another tiny oil painting (only a few inches tall)!  I LOVE how the gold leaf looks in this one, it's just so bright and vivid against the blue (and vice versa), and is even prettier in person.  Come find the original at Dragon*Con in a couple weeks!
Tiny Lion by Eldanis
Tiny Lion
Another tiny little oil painting, for practice.  Incorporating gold leaf is so fun.  I'll have the original for sale at Dragon*Con, look for me there!
Space Naga by Eldanis
Space Naga
This is just an underpainting sketch on wood (I'll share the finished painting when it's complete!), simply inverted in photoshop.  Such a low-effort thing to do (not including the drawing part, of course), but I love the results! XD
Mermaid by Eldanis
This drawing is a couple months old - I did it back in May for #mermay.  She's SUPER tiny, under 2x2 inches, and I'll have her in a perfect little brass frame with seashell-esque curlicues at my table at Dragon*Con very soon.  And she may be tiny, but she reproduces incredibly well, so if you miss out on the original, I'll have prints available too.

(I don't like hiding work under 'mature' filters, but if anyone is bothered by the bare nipple (GASP), please let me know and I'll change the content settings)
Elemental by Eldanis
Another small oil painting I'll have for sale (as well as prints) at Dragon*Con in a little over two weeks.  She's just under 4x4 inches, painted on wood panel, and has accents of gold leaf.  I'm having lots of fun with these tiny practice pieces!
Just pasting my announcement from over on tumblr for the few of you still active over here. ;)



time to stand in long lines for hours uncounted in the Baltimore sun

eventually the words ICE COLD WATER ONE DOLLAR lose all meaning under the mind-searing heat of the day-orb



BUT HEY once you finally make it indoors you can come see me in the artist alley!! :D  I will be at table ~~H12~~

I’ll have nifty things like you see here plus LOTS more (like for real my book has way too much stuff in it okay, I’m actually in the process of discontinuing a lot of stuff so if there’s anything you’ve been thinking of acquiring from me, now’s the time)!  I’ll have a lot of new stuff since last year too, as usual!

C O M E    S E E    M E E E E E E E E E   (please)

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