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Steve by Eldanis
A recent commission, specifically requested as a companion to <a wytiwyg="1" href="…>this piece.  I love showing superheroes and other popular characters 'behind the scenes' like this, when they're just being people, and it's also really fun to come up with the little easter eggs and references to include.

Ink and copic marker.
Jem! by Eldanis
A commission for a good friend of mine, who was kind enough to throw money at me and give me an excuse for more painting practice.  It's pretty small in person, just 3.5x5.5 inches, oil on wood.  I really like how when I work on wood, the grain and tone show through a bit.  It adds such a nice little bit of extra depth to the piece.
East of the Sun and West of the Moon by Eldanis
East of the Sun and West of the Moon
This was my contribution to the 1001 Knights art book project!  I love fairy tales and folklore, and I love how in this story, the girl really is the hero - it's her bravery and not just her beauty that wins the heart of her love-to-be, she actively chooses to wed the bear she doesn't yet know is a prince; she then makes more choices that turn out to be mistakes, but then she goes on a quest (a knight errant, if you will, hence me choosing her for the project) and rescues her own husband from some trolls.  Like, no big deal.  She has so much agency through the whole thing, and I love it.

Oil and fine silver leaf, 10x14 inches.
Nightcrawler by Eldanis
Another practice oil painting, which I worked on when this one made me too frustrated to look at it. XD  I had the sketch for this laying around from a rejected commission idea a while back, and I always really liked it and wanted to tackle it on my own sometime, so I finally did.  I always thought Kurt was adorable in the XMen Evoluntion cartoon, and I combined that young feel with a more classic costume, and the bit of rope is a nod to his swashbuckling forays in the conics.  The original is 10x14 inches, and is available for purchase.  I'd also love to do commissions like this!  Hit me up if you're interested in either.
Glimmerwings by Eldanis
I've been getting back into oil painting, and this was my first major foray back into it, a few months ago.  She's an original piece, but she was specifically 'designed' to feel like a book cover image, and was a challenge on a lot of levels, size not the least: she's 14x21 inches, which was huge for me when I began her, because I hadn't worked big much at all since college.  Definitely a learning and relearning experience!
Just pasting my announcement from over on tumblr for the few of you still active over here. ;)



time to stand in long lines for hours uncounted in the Baltimore sun

eventually the words ICE COLD WATER ONE DOLLAR lose all meaning under the mind-searing heat of the day-orb



BUT HEY once you finally make it indoors you can come see me in the artist alley!! :D  I will be at table ~~H12~~

I’ll have nifty things like you see here plus LOTS more (like for real my book has way too much stuff in it okay, I’m actually in the process of discontinuing a lot of stuff so if there’s anything you’ve been thinking of acquiring from me, now’s the time)!  I’ll have a lot of new stuff since last year too, as usual!

C O M E    S E E    M E E E E E E E E E   (please)

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